Garlic - Eat the Flower!

You can do more with garlic that just eat the bulb (the root). The flower is perfectly edible too.

The plant grows to 3 feet tall. Each bulb produces one curled flower stem in the late Spring (assuming you planted the bulb the Autumn before). Once the flower bud forms completely, cut the stem just above the leaves but below the flower portion. The bud and stem have a milder garlic taste than cloves but you can use the flower pretty much the same way you do garlic cloves.
  • drop the flower into the soup-pot or a sauce to impart a lite garlic taste
  • stir-fry the bud and stem but remove just before serving.
  • cut the flower from the stem and dice or julienne the stem for salads
  • use as a garnish

How have YOU used the garlic flower?

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