Permaculture Without Space of Your Own

So we've talked about having a little "garden" in your living room or on your patio or in your tiny backyard. But there are alternatives if you want even more than you have space for. Here are some possibilities:
  • Get neighbors or other like-minded people together. Find a good spot of land, and apply for a variance from your city... if the group buys it, you want to use that space for keeping chickens and bees, and run a community garden and/or plant an orchard or berry brambles. Combine your voice and negotiating power, pool finances and distribute responsibilities to ensure long-term success for providing healthy food for your family.
  • Have room for only a couple of trees? Replace non-food-producing trees with grafted fruit and/or nut trees. There's a "fruit cocktail" tree that grows nectarines, peaches, plums, and apricots. There's also a 5-in-one apple tree and a 5-in-one pear tree. These are generally dwarf trees so they don't take up a lot of space. There are also dwarf nut trees, like filberts and almonds. You could conceivably provide a lot of fruit and nuts for your family on the space of a normal-sized driveway. Starks Bros even has a colonnade group of fruiting trees that look like sticks with fruit growing on them... includes apples/crabapples and something called a rocket peach.
  • Vines grow upwards: try grapes to provide fresh table fruit, juice and wine to bottle, and vinegar for cooking.

These are just a few suggestions. What do YOU think?

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Trashdigger said...

Trash keeps several types of pear and apple trees along with a dwarf lemon tree in the hous, garage and when appropriate in the yard. The mobility allows us to have the semi-permaculture scenario while living on rented land.