Sharing Seeds

Just a moment of your time please. People are having a really difficult time right now. Jobs are disappearing, and with it our homes are being foreclosed on. Grocery prices, especially for produce, have been high for months now. We are constantly bombarded with salmonella or e-coli produce scares. Stress levels are high.

You came to this blog because you plan, or hope someday, to plant a garden. You want healthy nutritious and untainted produce for your family. You've bought seeds and made your plans.

Spread the wealth.
  • Is your neighbor having a tough time of it? Start a couple of tomato seedlings or peppers for them.
  • Live in an apartment? The packets of seeds are way too big for you to use just by yourself. Make up little packets and leave them in the front lobby for other residents to grow and enjoy.
  • Post a listing on Craigslist that you have free seeds for tomatoes, beans, or whatever. You'll get a lot of takers, especially this year.

What can you come up with? How can you help "your fellow man" and all that?

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