Topsy Turvey Tomatoes

We've been seeing Topsy Turvey hanging tomato gardens all over the place - almost in every gardening catalog and magazine that we see.

Does anyone have experience with this contraption? We heard some might have been recalled... what about that? Are they safe? Stable? Really do well in providing tomatoes? What about other vegetables or fruits?

Let us know your thoughts - use the comment section for this posting. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

I used one of these last year for cherry tomatoes.
It got the job done. However, it was very heavy and it needed LOTS of water. I plan on using it again this year but I'm not sure I'd buy another. It was a fun experiment with the kids though.

ThrtnWmsFam said...

Thanks for the input. We just happened to find one today at Home Depot for $9.99 so we decided to get one. We'll probably do yellow pear tomatoes. Thanks for the water tip - we'll keep it in mind. Vikki