Using Kiddie Pools as Container Gardens

The picture to the right looks a little weird. Pots, containers, boards, and swimming pools. But they ALL produced a lot of vegetables for us this past Summer (2008).

We gathered two kiddie pools from people who were just throwing them out. We poked holes in the bottom, and covered the bottom and sides with newspaper. In the big blue pool, we added a tire to the center. We added potting soil. In the big blue pool, we planted a broccoli seedling in the middle of the tire, and other cold crop seedlings and carrot seeds around the perimeter.

The smaller white pool to the left got Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce, radishes and various onion seeds. We ate a lot of lettuce until it began to bolt in mid-August.

These were our "cold" crops so we positioned them kinda under a big tree (shade to the right). We used yellow tulle (net fabric on sale from Wal-Mart) to cover to keep bugs and birds out, and set up leftover boards to keep the netting in place.

This worked so well for us, that we plan to do it again. No matter where we go. We have since gathered another 4 kiddie pools, various sizes and colors. Since we're moving this Summer, we can't do this in 2009 (the pools get VERY heavy!) but we will the next time we can!

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