Asparagus Came Back!

I don't really care for asparagus but Hubby does, and I do dehydrate it to crush into a powder and add it where I can hide it.

So last year (2008) we purchased 6 bedding plants from a nursery. Not just the roots, the actual plants. We didn't know exactly where to plant them (since they are quite permanent) so we stuck 2 per trash can/bucket. They ferned out great, and even gave out some stalks which we didn't eat (never the first and rarely the second year). In the Fall, we cut them back, and stored them in our family room for the Winter.

Not long ago, we noticed a little green shoot in one of the trash buckets. We placed the three buckets outside, watered them, and waited.

This is a picture of what they look like today! See? You CAN container garden!

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