Blueberries Survived the Winter

We started out with 4 blueberry seedlings from a mail order place last summer (2008). We carefully prepared the bed, making the soil acidic with peat moss and other additives. We planted the 4 blueberry, 2 cranberry and 2 lingonberry in the raised bed, and hoped for the best. We watered them and carefully tended them, but by the end of a very scorching summer, only one had survived.

By mid-summer we realized we weren't having any luck with the mail order plants, so we bought 2 blueberry plants from Lowe's. We potted them, tended them, and between the 2 plants, we harvested about 2 cups of blueberries. The most delicious, juicy... stop me!

We brought the 2 blueberries in containers indoors to the family room for the Winter, and hoped they and the one in the raised bed outside would survive. And survive they did... you can see from the pictures that the raised bed plant has decided it wants to live. And the two potted blueberries are already showing wonderful growth.
Aren't they beautiful?
I couldn't resist ... I bought two more blueberry plants the other day and will put them in containers, probably later this week. They already have flowers on them!

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Betty Saenz said...

I love blueberries but they won't grow here in the Texas HIll Country without changing a patch of soil to be acidic. We are very alkaline here. However, my blackberries do great! And our native dewberries!