Flies and Mosquitos have a RIGHT to Live!


... NOT!

I can't believe that there is even a discussion about whether or not President Barack Obama should have swatted the fly. I'm thinking... Maybe he should have paused the televised interview with CNBC correspondent John Harwood?

"Excuse me, could someone get over here and remove this fly? I don't CARE if there's a deadline for this interview's completion! This is a living creature that must be taken care of. Much more important than the American Citizens I'm working to help."

As a gardener, I need to take care of pests. Yes, pests. I don't use pesticide or herbicides, but I do pick off the tomato hornworms and squish them. If I don't, I don't have tomatoes to feed my family through the next year. Same with corn. Same with any other critter I find munching on my home-grown food.


And sorry, but my human family and our pets and livestock are much more important than any little fly.

It appears from PETA's website (http://blog.peta.org/archives/2009/06/obama_and_the_f.php) that they are capitalizing on this controversy to sell some bug catcher thing. What is it made of... plastic? Isn't plastic made from oil? Tsk Tsk Tsk. Naughty PETA.

Get over it! Unbelievable controversy when there are so many more things to think about.


Oz Girl said...

I didn't read about the whole Obama/fly debacle in detail, but my husband told me about PETA's outrage. I hope PETA loses followers over this. This incident helps highlight just how ridiculous PETA is. They will never get any of my donation dollars in my lifetime.

Came by from Linda's blog, Colorado Farm Life. I hope to stop back and follow your gardening adventures. We didn't get our first garden in this year -- too many other property chores, such as fence repairs and house painting! So I only have a few peppers and tomatoes in pots. NEXT YEAR, for sure, we will get our garden started. But we'll start on the soil this year. The horses will help. :)

ThrtnWmsFam said...

It's definitely not too late. Carrots and radishes will do well now. Use a container for some lettuces/greens and put it in the shade... should be fine if you water regularly and keep it somewhat cool. Good luck! Vikki

Oz Girl said...

I have radish seeds... looks like they only need about 20 days to germinate? Still not too late??! Can they handle the Kansas heat? :)

ThrtnWmsFam said...

Oz Girl: Absolutely! I plant radishes in succession plantings all summer. If you're concerned about the heat, make sure they are to the north of taller plants, like tomatoes or corn. I just sowed some more radish seeds last weekend. Hubby's getting tired of radishes tho! Vikki

Anonymous said...

I'm with ya--bugs--off with their heads! :)