Grow Nasturtiums for Beauty and Food

Nasturtiums are beautiful flowers, strong and spicey in smell and taste. The flowers, leaves and seeds are all edible. Here are a few tips for growing them in your backyard grocery garden:

  • they needs lots of water

  • they needs lots of sun

  • they DON'T need a rich soil

  • plant near zucchini and other squash to repel the dreaded squash bug

  • if you plan on consuming any part of the plant, you need to raise it like any other food plant: no pesticides or herbicides

  • the flowers can also be used as a wound disinfectant

I can't find any nutritional information on these. Does anyone know if the nasturtium seeds have any protein? I would think they do.

Nasturtiums will make a beautiful addition to your herb garden. Or your salad garden!

NOTE: for recipes on eating nasturtium flowers, leaves and seeds, click here:

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marci357 said...

Last year the grandkids loved picking their salads from my garden, including the flowers.

Nasturtium leaves and flowers, along with dandylion leaves were my first salad of the year last year. Luv the stuff! Also chopped up the leaves and flowers for my version of "hot pockets", and the flowers were always a cheery addition to the rest of the stuffing.