Picked carrots and squash today!

When I was watering my garden today, you know, to avoid crispy grass that may turn off a potential buyer (did I mention the contract to sell our house fell through?), I found a massive yellow straightneck squash that I'd somehow overlooked. I picked that one, and one just beside it and am so looking forward to munching them with my family this weekend.

This afternoon we finally got a bit of rain (17 drops, I think, followed 3 hours later by 9 minutes of massive downpour). Afterwards, I checked to make sure the wind hadn't knocked over anything. While I was checking, I picked two carrots. Little orange ones. They weren't supposed to be little, but I hate waiting until they're full grown. Each was about an inch long. But very tender and sweet and yummy.


And I forgot to take a pic before the kid and I munched them down. Sorry.

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