Meandering Around...

Not much to do when the indoor garden has been eaten up by beetles (except for the stevia and aloe), and we're soooo close to getting our homestead. Out looking and hoping that the one we want will be available for the price we can afford.

Meanwhile, yes, I've bought seeds! I usually can't stand to wait, so I've placed my orders for veggies. I've made my list of herb seeds to get in December, and the fruit trees, bushes and vines I plan to order in early Spring, after we close on the property and map out where to plant what.

Dreaming. That's what Winter is for.

We'll have enough room for nut trees, and I've noted how many of what kind I want: heartnut, butternut, almond, pecan, walnut (English and black), chestnuts and whatever else I can find to grow in Zone 5.

Then there's the fruit trees: apples, pears, apricots, peaches, nectarines (the Kid doesn't like the puzzy peaches!), plums. And the cherry trees AND bushes. Then there's the elderberry bushes, blueberry, and brambles of raspberry and blackberry.

Oh my... my mouth is watering!

So... have you started thinking about your next year's garden?

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