Blog Author Vikki Lawrence is back!

Dear Readers:
Hi. So sorry I disappeared.  Between dealing with liver disease and breast cancer, the epic return of my son’s epilepsy and a host of other problems, I just haven’t been able to devote any time to my writing, and even my gardening.
Hate to say, but we are selling our little farm.  I just can’t do it by myself any more; not getting help from anyone who lives here.  Moving to a little apartment (hopefully by mid 2018 and hopefully with a south-facing patio or living room).
So, although this blog is mostly dedicated to raising a decent grocery in your back yard, the blog will move from “backyard grocery gardening” to “backyard and indoor grocery gardening”.  Stick around.  I’ll be back to write more posts as I find a new home and start growing my favorite fruits, veggies and herbs.
Vikki Lawrence

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