Harvest vs Grocery

I can hardly wait until we can move to a new place where we can finally settle and get produce from our yards.

Meanwhile, we went shopping last week, and after spending a huge amount of money at Sam's on the produce you see in this pic (plus the gluten-free bread for Tween at the health food store), I'm at my wit's end. See, this fruit is what we'll go through in about 2 weeks. The fruit tray was gone within 3 days.

The strawberries we planted last year are starting to peek out from the mulching we hid them under for the winter. The blackberries are dead, thanks for the Tween who hacked at them after being scratched too many time while chasing the puppy. The raspberries died because someone forgot to water them immediately after planting (no guesses, I confess). Our colonnade apple, crabapple and peach trees have leafed, so we might actually get some fruit from them before we move. The banana tree I've been tending for the past 2 years needs to be repotted so I'll do that this Summer - needs more room.

The cantaloupe and honeydew are out of season... August maybe, from our yard if we're still here.

There are miniature avocado trees that I can hardly wait to buy once we get a house with a sunroom - hmmm. And we'll get miniature citrus trees.

The yellow squash (towards the right beside the cantaloupe) won't be ready in our yard till at least mid July.

Will have to experiment with mushrooms - Hubby loves them fried with onions and garlic!

See... if we had space, it would be almost time to start harvesting our fruit, and thus, reducing our grocery bill. I mean, that's the whole point of having a backyard grocery, right?

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