Gardening to Help Fight the Swine Flu

We're a family that's worked hard to prepare for almost anything. Here in Colorado, we could have tornadoes, floods, drought, civil unrest, and yes, possibly a swine or bird flu pandemic. Since this 2009 swine flu popped up last week, we've taken a look at our emergency supplies:
  • water - a gallon per person per day
  • food - stored items plus a garden getting ready to produce a little
  • sanitation and hygiene - toilet paper, etc.

Since we're in the midst of preparing to sell our house, we have started putting some of our things in storage (staging the house), and we've begun to misplace some of the more important items.

However, our food storage is intact. We still have pumpkin and other winter squashes in the basement from 2008's harvest. We have most of our dehydrated tomatoes, eggplant, and spinach leftover.

For fresh produce, we started our "root-vue" garden which will soon be producing carrots and microgreens. We've started our seeds for carrots, lettuce/greens, and radishes. Our little tomato, pepper, okra and eggplant seedlings are looking good and should be ready to transplant if this weather ever figures out what to do!

We have quite a few herbs we've grown in the past or purchased - dehydrated and sitting in mason jars. Peppermint to settle stomachs. Echinacea and elderberry for lung health. Goldenseal. Zinc. Vitamins C (strawberries!) and D. Grow the garlic. Step out into the sun for 15 minutes a day (that includes your gardening time!).

Have you started your herb garden yet? Analyzed your seedlings to see what vitamins, minerals and other health benefits you'll be growing? Think about it... eating healthy and fresh produce will be our best way to fight any virus that comes our way.

Are you ready?

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