Cold Weather Snap

The people who had this house before us had planted tulips and crocuses (crocii?) in the front tiered beds. What a surprise last Spring! During the Summer, we'd moved the bulbs over so we could tomatoes and beans there, but somehow forgot to move them back. A few weeks ago, we found the beginnings of crocus peek up, and turn a beautiful blue. Last week, the tulips popped up. Hubby called them "Carnival".

We had a weather forecast for Sunday night of rain. We awoke to 4 inches of snow on my car. Unbelievable. However, the snow quickly melted, and the budding flowers (and fruit trees) survived.

The seed tapes for carrots, onions and lettuce/greens are nicely sleeping in their squares in our raised beds. We'll find out soon enough if they died in the late snow.

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