Green Tomatoes Harvest 2008

This pic was taken in October 2008. It's the big collander of green (unripe) tomatoes we picked the last week in October, after the first frost. They survived (barely) under two blankets and a big piece of plastic. It was too much work to try to save the plants. So we picked these, and I dehydrated them. We did that in the hopes that green (unripe) tomatoes are just as nutritious (or close enough) as the ripe tomatoes.

Green tomato powder has been added to our all-vegg powder (dehydrated vegetables crushed into a powder and added to a variety of dishes - to hide for picky eaters!). The dried green tomatoes aren't very tasty by themselves, but add a zing to dishes.

I didn't know how to make fried green tomatoes or green tomato relish yet. In 2009, probably in the Fall, I'll post recipes for those on

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