We planted lettuce today. Finally.

I've been meaning to plant our square-foot raised-bed garden for weeks now... at least the carrots, onions, spinach and lettuce. One thing after another prevented me. Today I got tired of waiting. We're expecting a storm tonight and some tomorrow, so I grabbed the seed tapes I'd made, some other seeds, my map (plan of the bed), markers and trowel, and hit the backyard.

It was time to follow the plan pictured to the right.

First I had to weed the bed again, as the bindweed had overtaken everything again. Then I had to replace the yarn where the puppy had broken it in his joyful leapings. Then Hubby came out (he was doing weed pulling in the front) and we started with the carrot seed tapes, then moved to the okra, lettuce, beets, swiss chard, etc. I still need to make seed tapes for the spinach and a couple of other lettuces, and some more onions.

(We are making a change to the plan - instead of the 4 different summer squashes, we're planting all 4 squares with the fordhook zucchini squash.)

Then I grabbed the package of asparagus we bought at a local nursery and Hubby helped there too, in the second raised bed where there is already 5 strawberry and one blueberry plant. If it doesn't rain tonight or tomorrow, I'll get out the water hose.

Gee, we really hope the new owners appreciate all of the work we're doing to this place to make it more "marketable". And I really really REALLY hope we can eat at least some of the harvest before we move!

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