Sabotage in the Garden

As I posted last night, we finally got around to planting many of our vegetables yesterday, including asparagus. Turns out someone doesn't want us to grow a garden, because they made an effort to enter our fenced backyard without alerting our "guard" puppy or chihuahua, dug up the asparagus roots, refilled the holes, replaced the marker-sticks, and placed the asparagus roots on top of where they had been buried. Obvious vandalism and sabotage.

Once I discovered and calmed down, I replanted them, then got to thinking. I should have looked around for footprints, or checked the other veggie bed. I should have taken pictures before I replanted them.

I'm booby-trapping our gate (fence) tomorrow.

Beware, sabatour!

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Anonymous said...

That's horrible!! I can't believe someone could be so hateful. i hope that you find the ones responsible! Do you have an update for us?