Our Raised Bed Plan

Here's a picture of the plan I made of one of our raised beds. Since we're moving, we needed to grow most of veggies in one bed. I did the research, bought the seeds (some of which are for container plants so small), and made the plan. Here it is:

The bed is 8' x 4', and since we grew soybeans and carrots there last year, it already had soil in it. We just added more, with a little compost. On Monday, I hammered in nails every 12 inches on all 4 sides, then hooked them together with a beautiful green yarn. This outlined the square feet in which to place my plants.

Then I started seeds. I had already started my container seeds, but completely forgot about our raised bed! I placed the peat pellets in the long thin container, and once rehydrated, I placed the seeds in them according to the plan to the right. I made the plan so that once the seedlings emerge, I'll know what they are. And if a few weeks go by with no seedling popping out of one, I'll know which seed packet to go to so I can re-seed.

Anyway, our 8' x 4' bed will provide many carrots, lots of greens, some radishes, egplant, okra, peppers, zucchini, yellow squash, parsley (I love this herb!), and some tomatoes. The thinking is that if we sell the house before the end of the growing season, hopefully we get at least some harvest, and if it sells at the end of the harvest season, we'll have lots of fresh healthy produce for our little family. Fresh and for canning.

We also have the container plants, but that's different! They are mobile!

Have you drawn out your plan yet?


Karen (Canadian Soldier's Wife) said...

That's what we're doing this season, too... planting raised beds and containers because the house is for sale and I didn't want to till up the lawn. We're hoping to get something from the efforts, but if not, then at least it will have been a good learning experience for my kids, and a nice bonus for whoever buys the house. LOL

Thanks for all the great information you've been posting. Love it!!

ThrtnWmsFam said...

That's exactly why we're doing that. Hoping it will help sell the house, too, with lots of red ripe tomatoes and greens and radishes and etc. Hoping we'll find the same when we go house hunting, but have to sell this one too.

Thanks for the compliment. I was hoping my efforts help someone! Vikki