Seed Starting and Repotting

I wrote yesterday about starting more seeds for our outdoor 8'x4' square foot raised bed garden. This picture shows the rectangle thingy I used to rehydrate and plant the seeds.

On March 6, I started 6 tomato seeds. Unfortunately 2 didn't germinate so I re-did those. The picture to the right is how they looked on March 21.

Then... I basically forgot about them until Sunday when I noticed two were quite large and one was dying! So Monday I got busy and helped them out.

I took the little peat pellets (with roots hanging out!) and potted them. I had the three larger in 2 pots and 1 rice pudding container (mother/necessity!) and the other three I placed in peat pots. I almost forgot to mark them again (last year - oh, what a mess!).

These are now residing in our east-facing living room window. I made a table out of spare wood and covered it with a waterproof tablecloth. Hubby installed a couple of grow lights (to extend the light from 2 hours of real sun to an additional 6 hours or so). I hope I remember to water them this time! I crave a fresh homegrown tomato almost daily.

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