Radish and Melon Harvest 2008

Just a "taste" of what's to come ...

This is a picture I took on October 9 2008 - the inside of our fridge after a very busy day.

We heard that our first frost was on its way, so we quickly harvested the rest of our radishes (in the small tub towards the top), and our melons. We had a sugar baby watermelon, a few crenshaw muskmelons (cantaloupes), and a few golden watermelons. The 3 tam-dew honeydews are in a drawer, so not pictured.

I don't really care for radishes but Hubby does. We planted several kinds but the Pink Beauty won out. Here's something we didn't know... we forgot about a few radishes so they grew the whole summer. Wow! Super-hot! Possibly could be dehydrated and used as horseradish. We're planning to experiment this year (2009).

As to the melons ... absolutely wonderful! Cool and refreshing, sweet and very delicious. If you still haven't decided what to grow, give these a consideration. The vines didn't get too terribly long, and it took several attempts to figure out how to tell when a golden watermelon is ripe, but it was well worth the regularly watering, training the vines to go where I wanted them to, and the patience!

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