I love Spring

I love Spring ... my favorite season.

Summer is too hot and busy busy busy. Daily watering, harvesting, checking for bugs, canning and dehydrating. Plus there are other chores to do: grass mowing (we have a boy-powered push mower), house cleaning, schoolwork, and more.

Autumn is horrible. The hustle and bustle of the Summer is over, and the cupboards are full. But fields and plots and containers of my favorite green plants turn brown and black, withering, and dying.

Winter is wonderful. Cold. Snowy (if we're lucky). Quiet, but thinking and planning and plotting next year's garden.

... but Spring... ah! It's busy, but not the Summer busy-and-scorching-hot busy. Flowers create delicious future veggies and fruits. Vines begin to wind around boundaries. Ravenging squirrels and other marauders present challenges and hurdles. Weather bears close watching.


I really do love Spring.

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