We Re-Planted Our Destroyed Raised Bed

If you've been keeping up with our blog, you know that a certain neighbor vandalized our raised garden beds on Mother's Day. I had it all strung up with yarn, delineating the square feet, to help me keep to my plan. The neighbor tore at the yarn and must have moved the dirt around with his hand or a utensil because it was a mess. On the other raised bed, all of the asparagus roots I had just planted had been dug up, the holes refilled, and the roots carefully placed on top, by the markers. Unbelievable.

The asparagus roots went back into place right away but everything else waited while we figured out a way to booby-trap our backyard gate.

Anyway, I finally got around to replanting everything else. We have three tomatoes: "Mr. Stripey"(a yellow heirloom), "Fourth of July" (the big one in the middle - an early-bearing which already has little green globes on it!), and "Lemon Boy". I planted orange marigolds, parsley and basil around the tomatoes (companion plants - helps keep away bad bugs).

The picture shows some of the bed covered in newspaper. While the radishes are popping up, I wanted to help keep in moisture in the other parts because it's been so very hot recently. I'll take them off when the seeds have taken root, and it will be easier for me to see vandalism. Should be any day now!

Note: It appears that we are still being vandalized but now it's alternating between human and critter. We've set traps and woe to anyone who ignores them!

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