The Dead Rhubarb is Alive Again!

Soon after we moved into this house in February 2008, my mother-in-law offered to split one of her rampant rhubarbs to give us one to plant. We did this around March, I think. We brought it home in a cardboard box and Hubby dug a big-ole hole. We placed a tire around it, filled it a little bit with potting soil, and placed in the rhubarb. We added a little more potting soil and gave it a good watering. This rhubarb grew really well, giving off a few stalks that Hubby tried to cook and didn't.

Then mid-Summer, it appeared to be stricken with some kind of insects. The leaves developed huge holes and soon, disappeared. We thought it was dead.

We underestimated it.

This past March (2009), it started showing signs of greening, and, well, look at the picture I took on May 19 2009... it's huge! Can barely see that tire! Time to harvest some of the stalks and dehydrate them.

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