Raspberries and Strawberries

In our front yard, we have three tiers by the front porch. To the side of that porch, two of those tiers wrap around. Not a lot of sun gets there, but about 3-5 hours worth. There were tulips there originally, but we planted around them.

Sometime in mid-summer last year (2008), we planted several ever-bearing strawberries ion the bottome part, and two red raspberry plants on the top part. We actually got about 30 strawberries and 20 raspberries before they ended their bearing season.

Now... well, just look at the picture! The raspberries are making new cane with beautiful leaves, and the strawberries have some beautiful white flowers. That means strawberries will be here soon!

At our new homestead, we're planting about 100+ strawberries and at least 20 red raspberry and 20 yellow raspberry plants. Yum!


Annie Kate said...

Your plants look great! Do you get big berries?

I'm looking for ways to improve our strawberries, since the berries are small and stunted. In fact, I was just complaining about them on my blog today.


Do you have any tips?
Thank you.

Annie Kate

ThrtnWmsFam said...

We don't get huge berries, just medium size, but they are sweet, and red all the way through, unlike those we buy at the grocery.

We did cover them last Fall with lots of peat moss, which not only protected the plants, but gave more acidity to the soil (which strawberries LOVE). When the strawberry plants were ready for Spring and sun, they just popped out of the peatmoss and said "here I am! give me some sunshine!".

Thanks for stopping by. Vikki